Monday, March 13, 2017

Welcome, March.

Welcome, March~!!

I can't believe it's the thirteenth and I haven't wrote and published a Welcome post, yet.. To be fair, I have started one several times, but I never get far. I've had very low energy, but I did sleep for FOURTEEN HOURS today, and am now drinking coffee and typing. 

I think I'll post what's been happening this month as a list, as lists are easier plus I love them lots. image

So, here's what's been happening this month~!!

  • Jen and I visited the thrift store and Jeweled Maiden around the first (if not ON the first) of the month, and I found this beautiful Dragonfly shirt (I love the design and the shoulders~!! Dragonfly is one of my magick animals, so when I find anything with a design featuring them, I HAVE TO HAVE IT, if possible.) I also bought a Green Quartz (that has natural shimmery bits that are so lovely) and a pocket sized, translated Voluspa and Havamal. It's so good. image

  • Jen and I adopted two babies and they are cory catfish~!! Mine is named Captain and Jen's is Kerry. They're so pretty and very sweet. Here's Captain:

He wears very good camouflage, so I tried to make sure you could see him. To be honest, the pretty design fits the tank. So, now I have Bushido and Captain, and hope to add another cory catfish and a snail~!! Jen does as well, for Mr. Blubs and Kerry.

  • [Overwatch Spoiler] Orisa, the newest Overwatch hero, was announced and Jen and I have been playing her on the PTR. She's SO MUCH FUN and I can't wait to tanky-tank with her. She's also absolutely adorable.

  • While in the store, we saw this My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Fan Series Nightmare Moon Sculpture and ahhhh, I NEED IT.

  • Jen and I watched Kiki's Delivery Service for the first time, and I really adore the characters (well, most of them) and especially Ursula, who reminds me of.. Well.. Me~!!

  • Jen FINALLY got her anvil and has been practicing a lot. She's making something so cool right now, that I hope she'll share once she's finished.

  • We also each got HUSTLE CAT and I wanted to go down the Reese route first, but somehow ended up with Finley.. She's like Jen, in my opinion, so I can't complain! The game's super cute and was recommended by our friend Jen. Thank you, lovely~!! (I'll do a review in the future, for sure.)

So, my little family and I (including the new members) have had a wonderful month so far. Jen's celebrating her FIFTH MONTH ON HRT and I'm so proud of her. image

Oh, and, Ostara is coming soon, yay~!! I hope that I'll be posting more. Hopefully either a manic phase or a (positive) balance will kick in soon, for me, mentally and emotionally. So, that's our March so far~!! What has yours been like??

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Goodbye, February.

Goodbye, February. You were quite a good month, despite moments in the past that still hurt. But, there were also good moments both old and new~!! image

1. First, I welcomed February here!! So, you can read about the start of the month in general. I included some badass (and totally adorable) pics of Jen, Miss Hiss, and a mix of our anni and Valentine's Day. Both were relaxing, which is so nice. Both Jen and I prefer something where it's just us, doing something we love.

2. We honored Chewie, our little ratty girl who passed on one year ago (on Feb 21st). I shared a bit about her and how much we love and will love her, forever.

3. On February 24th, Jen, Mochi and I celebrated Mochi's first bun day~!! He turned 1 and also celebrated his first year as a fluffy little (big) member of our family. He had a cake and a gift and all sorts of fun~!! I love that he's our bun baby (no matter how old he is). 

4. Other Little Parts of February: Plants - Jen and I adopted a LOT of plants.. Some are doing well, others.. Aren't. Yet!! I have hope.

I got Widowmaker's golden gun, aw yeah. She's my favorite Overwatch character, so I'm so proud that I did so. Plus, I also hit level 300~!! Here's Jen and I celebrating my accomplishment. I'm on the left, she's on the right as Sombra (her fave character).

I wrote a Weekly Love List post with an Overwatch theme, without actually meaning to. I love the game and I am SO addicted. (Spoiler: There's a new character and she should be live next week or the week after and she's fabulous and I AM SO EXCITED.)

I ended up finding all of these AMAZING artists and bands on YouTube. There're a lot that aren't my usual style and I love them. I started a new playlist, and it's so good.

I asked Jen if she'd cut my hair, I showed her the look I wanted and now I have a badass new style~!!

Jen found an article about real life Vampirism and Black Swan (donors) who feed us (us, as this is part of our life as well.) There're some NSFW pictures (just kind of 'horror' themed, involving blood.) 

I learned the meaning of hygge(lig) and also, my magickal name came to me and so I started a magickal Tumblr

I think that's everything that happened in February, for the most part~!! I hope you enjoyed reading about our month and I'd love if you'd link me to any monthly review type posts that you've wrote~!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017


This BIIIIG bunny..

Celebrated his first BUN DAY on Friday~!! We adopted Mochi on Feb 24th, last year, and we aren't quite sure what day he was born, so we decided that we'd celebrate both his birth and the day he came home every Feb 24th. image So, before we get started, LET'S LOOK AT HIS WEE LITTLE BABY PICTURES!!

Such a cutie wutie itty bitty bunny. LOOK AT HIS LITTLE MOHAWK, just a little tuft. Jen and I had wanted a bunny, especially a lionhead, for a very long time but we just didn't have the money or permission to get one (as we live with family.) That changed last year, my father-in-law and mother-in-law said yes and they basically bought everything for Mochi as a gift.

We started looking on classifieds, and came across a family with a few lionhead Flemish giant mixes, and this bun is Jen's support bun and she had a certain feeling that there was one with black / dark fur out there, and sure enough, I asked and they had one. 

We decided we'd go adopt the wee bun. Jen's wanted a bunny for years, and she promised me a long time ago that one day she'd adopt for me a little lionhead. Both of us were SO excited!!

We arrived, and the little kids that were taking care of the bunnies took me to their backyard and showed me the parents, etc. and I asked which were the boy bunnies, and they pointed to.. Two, of them, I think?? I saw the one with the darkest fur, said I wanted him and gave them the cash. As I walked away, I heard one of the kids ask the other: "Who did she pick, Bear or Fighter?" 

"Fighter!" the kid responded. Fighter?!

So, I get into the car with this scared wee bun and Jen and I calmed him best we could, told him he'd be going home and I held him as we drove. I broke down crying, terrifying Jen, haha. But, I was just so happy. I snuggled Mochi's fur and hugged him and we got home, he met the family and then we brought him to his living area with us.

The pictures above show how wittle he was, and our bed, which he peed on as soon as he had the chance. He also ripped my stuffed snake, Scarlet, and terrified the cats. Yes.. That's.. Fighter!!

But, we name our babies ourselves and we decided on Mochi, named after the sweet Japanese treat as well as the Moon Rabbit.

He's our little yakuza bun, because of his hairstyle and attitude. He DOES have attitude, let me tell you!! Once again, I don't know how he got the name Fighter, but.. It's fitting. Not that you'd know with one quick glance..

I'm going to kill you, MFer.

He actually doesn't mind being dressed up, haha. We're learning that. Also, that picture is from earlier this month, I believe. Notice how much bigger he is?! It's hard to tell without a true comparison, but he's tall and hardy.

This is from about a month after we adopted him and this was a bit later in the year. You can kind of see his size difference!! Also: a bun who's laying with his front pawsies in front of him is adorable.

I love his big ears, and even now: we're STILL learning bun ear language. It's amazing how he can communicate with so much. Like I said, he has an attitude and he will let out little piggy like grunts, or even growl, if he's not in the mood. He'll also thump if you piss him off, which is often because you say "no, you can't do / go-" THUMP! Okay.. Okay..

Anyway: big ears!! 

Before we adopted Mochi, I was reading about bunnies and everything said that they are very, very delicate animals. I wasn't worried, Jen and I take good care of our babies, but HOLY BINKY. HE IS NOT DELICATE. This little creature will zoom around and I panic every time, still. He's even scared my father-in-law and mother-in-law's dog during the night, because he'll just start running and jumping and throwing stuff.

It's absolutely adorable most of the time - but also terrifying. Plz, Mochi, you are still our wee bun. I want to cover every inch of the room with Styrofoam, but then he'd JUST EAT IT.

Image may contain: outdoor

It's hard to get a good picture of his mane, but it's growing so fast. This was quite a while ago!! It's so cute, because his mane often will stick out in every direction, and if you style his hair just right, he really does look like a wittle lion.

Another thing Jen and I read about having a bun, is that they may take a while to trust you and even once they do, they may not be fully comfortable around you. But, if they are, you'll know.

Image may contain: cat

Here's me cuddling him. This is just a small cuddle. Most of the time, Jen or I will literally be cuddling right against him, face snuggled in his fur. He'll stretch out, which is a sign of comfort and happiness and he'll purr. Every so often, he'll dose off too. He's started 'fully flopping' lately, which can scare people because a completely content bun will just fall over on their side!! 

He does this a lot on his own, but lately also with us, and will position his chin in our palm. While petting him, he purrs until he drifts off.

Our hearts are so full of love for this little bouncing bundle of joy. 

Now, back to his BUN DAY~!!

Jen and I wanted to do something special for him, so first we took him downstairs so he could see everyone else (my father-in-law and mother-in-law) and play in a different area. 

After, we brought him up, got ready and headed out. I wanted to make him a cake also known as very luxurious salad. 

I put down a bed of shredded carrot, surrounded by cilantro and mint (his favorite food ever is mint) and topped with apple pieces here and there. Mushed banana covered the carrots, and everything was topped off with a whole strawberry and one more sprig of mint. 

He did enjoy most of his cake, except the strawberry!! He ended up flipping over his plate, so I put the rest in his food bowl. Then!! Jen and I gave him his gift..

His very own..


He devoured a few leaves, and now we'll take care of his plant and let him munch here and there. He really loved the leaves poking through, into his cage, while he was relaxing too. 

So, there you go. Mochi, our wittle big baby but not quite a baby anymore bun and his bun day. Our little yazuka bun. Our cuddle bun. Happy Bun Day, Mochi~!! Mommy and I love you. image

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mommy and I Love You, Chewie, and We Will Forever.

Hello, lovelies. Yesterday (Tuesday, February 21st) marked 1 year since Chewie, Jen and my precious ratty girl's, passing. I cried. Jen and I loved and love her image. Jen and I miss her. I honored her, and hope.. No. I know, that wherever she is, she heard me. 

I love that little ratty girl so much. Even typing this, I feel like crying. My heart is full of love for my little family, Jen and our babies, and our babies who've passed on. Plus our animal babies, even those we've never met, because I am and will forever be an animal lover. image

Mommy and I Love You, Chewie, and We Will Forever.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Weekly Love List~!!

Weekly Love List~!!

Hello, lovelies~!! It's Friday, so it's time for my Weekly Love List, yaaaay~!!  I rarely have a theme for these but this week, it's mainly Overwatch, so here're the lovelies. Enjoy~!! image

1. Jenny and, of course, our babies. I mention them every Weekly Love List, because they're my life. Jen and I celebrated 13 years together on February 13th and.. Just.. 13 years!! *squee* I LOVE HER. My heart and soul.

2. This amazing drawing of Sombra, and this amazing drawing of Widowmaker both by VICKISIGH, who is an artistic genius in my honest open. PLEASE give all of her art a view, Overwatch and otherwise.

Sombra's Quick Lunch by VICKISIGH

Widowmaker Cafe by VICKISIGH

3. One of the most gorgeous pictures of Mercy, titled Angel of Love Mercy by Olga Solovian. (Mercy is waifu, followed by Sombra.)

4. I am so gay for this drawing of Pharah (and she isn't even one of my fave chars) by MonoriRogue.

Pharah - Spring Collection by MonoriRogue

Also by MonoriRogue: the waifu, Mercy

Mercy - Winter Collection by MonoriRogue

Sombra - Summer Collection by MonoriRogue
Widowmaker, who is my main (even if I rarely play her - she is just.. My main. Mine.)

New Years Widowmaker by MonoriRogue

And, finally, another Blizzard lady who I have a crush on (that isn't an Overwatch Character): Sally Whitemane. Now.. Seriously, please check out MonoriRogue's DeviantArt

Sally Whitemane by MonoriRogue

5. Now.. Here's my, uh, contribution to the Overwatch community that creates fan art. The waifu, Mercy as a Naughty Nun. (It's NOT great, I know.) Outfit inspiration from this costume (note: site is NSFW.)

6. Finally, Overwatch wise - for now, there's a Tracer Nendoroid coming out and it's PRECIOUS.

Have a LOVELY weekend, lovelies~!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Welcome, February~!!

Welcome, February~!! I know.. I know.. It's already the 12th. But still, welcome!! During the beginning of the month, we celebrated Imbolc. I bought a little pot and Jen and I planted some seeds. image

I've been feeling.. Well, the same as I have been for a while. For those of you who are new readers, basically, I have both mental and physical disorders and they kick me right in the feels. I'm down a lot, but there's so much that I love and that I smile and am grateful for, that I can live with the down moods. image

Jen is celebrating her 4 month anniversary of being on HRT and there is such a difference, both in her beautiful body and in her mood. I'm so, so happy for her. image Speaking of my love, tomorrow we celebrate our 13th anniversary of being together. 

I want to share some gorgeous, and badass, pictures my love let me take of her a few nights ago.

Jen wearing Miss Hiss as a neckliss!!

Mommy and Snek Kisses!!

"I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation, living with sneks it's the new generation!!"

I love this picture so much. Jen in her Winter beanie and floofy scarf (shawl? I'm not sure the word, ehehe.) It's so.. Gorgeous. It's so warm. It's so her. I love her so much. image

Oh, and Miss Hiss herself who is getting quite long and putting on weight as a healthy ball python should:


I wanted to do something special on Animal Crossing for Jen and my anni and Valentine's Day, so!! I made my first pro design.. Which took me about an hour.. Ehehe. image Jen's dress is black with red lace and heart, and mine is white with red lace and heart. She'll have black tights and red flats, and I'll have white tights and red flats. I can't wait to take a screenie of us together!!

I also made her an early card today (in RL). Very yandere for my tsundere.

I did the "Meet the Artist" thingy that's been going around, but.. I'm not that happy with what I made. However, I did draw something that I am proud of and that is Sukeban A xxx. Description from Instagram, below:

I have an OC (Original Character. ) Well, kind of.. See, Sukeban A *is* me.. She is a HUGE part of me, my life and my lifestyle. She is the Sukeban (Moon) to my Usagi. Anyway, I had to draw her, in her traditional outfit. This is also for the #girlgang that Jen and I are starting: #GlitterGirlsGang. More on that later!! For now, love, kindness, beliefs and laughter. ~Sukeban A xxx.
Plus, portrait!!
My most current picture:

I wore this when Jen and I saw her endocrinologist, because I try to incorporate the colors of the Transgender flag into my make-up and or clothing and accessories!! I did during her first visit, and keep trying. To be honest, I love everything about this one, so yay for February selfie~!! image

When I was outside in the back yard, taking pictures, I looked up and admired our large birch (??) tree. It's memorized me for years. I took a picture and added a cute frame. It's been a bit foggy here, and it's so nice.

As for today, Jen made me a delicious breakfast: tamagoyaki, with a banana on the side. We played LOTS of Overwatch. Tried to give Miss Hiss her dinner, which she refused to eat (she's very picky..) Cleaned. Cleaned some more. Now we're relaxing. Hiss is hanging on my shoulder, and once she's done hangin' with me, I'll cuddle our bun before (probably) taking a nap.


I'm not sure what I have planned for the rest of Feb. Obviously, Jen and I will celebrate the holidays, in our own way. image  We'll also Game and.. Generally try to feel better. I don't have a to-do list, or an "upcoming post" list, because I truly can't dedicate myself to that type of commitment. Mental disorders suck. This will also be one year from when Chewie, our ratty girl, passed on. I miss her so very much, and love her so very much. Our little loyal companion. Anyway.. 

How's your February going so far, everyone?! Share! Share!